You’ll still be able to browse the list of your friends and see who’s playing

Especially a gamer with an Xbox One, a new system-level operating system coming next year. Microsoft’s OS is making it easier to be a gamer. Even if you’re not a fan of the Xbox 360 interface, it’s at least easy to give it a try. The OS is the brain behind everything you do on Xbox One, your favorite controller is made by Microsoft’s engineers. It’s getting some major updates. You’ll notice that the interface is clearer, faster and more useful. You’ll be able to see what you’re doing while you’re playing. You’ll see notifications when you have something you want to check. You’ll even be notified when you’ve got a new game. You can also use the system’s Health and Safety features to monitor how well your system is keeping your health and safety at the ready. If you’re sick of doing the same thing every time you back to the dashboard, that’s all gone. You can now create your own Gamertags with your friends. Or you can go back to friends lists and see who’s playing. You’ll be able to use voice search (with a microphone, of course) as well. Again, you’ll be able to choose who you want to search with. You’ll still be able to browse the list of your friends and see who’s playing. You’ll also be able to message people using headset-enabled headsets. All of these features make the OS better in general, because it actually does all that work better. It’s a lot more user-friendly, and it’s more user-friendly in general. That’s not a bad thing, because security is important. But you’ll have to be careful about using it. You could have a friend host you, but that would be an invasion of privacy. So, if you’re going to swap the Xbox 360 interface for something else – this is the Xbox One to beat – don’t let that one get in your way! Seen something newsworthy?