Xbox Record That – How to record and view your Xbox One X gameplay

There are over 150 million Xbox users all over the world. All playing video games and doing cool stuff in said video games. Unfortunately few gamers realize that they can actually record all of the cool things they do and share it with their friends fast and easily. Games have always had a social aspect to them, you once had to make a night of going to the arcade with your friends before inviting your friends over to play two player console games. Games have slowly been getting more social as the consoles evolved to allow internet gaming and with the introduction of Xbox Live a whole new type of gaming was born. Even in the glory days of Xbox live there was still something missing. if you did something really cool in your game, there was no way to show your friends what you did unless you bought one of those fancy and expensive capture cards. The Xbox one x allows you to easily record gameplay by simply saying Xbox record that into your microphone or if you have the Xbox Kinect, just yell it at your TV. After saying Xbox record that, your Xbox will record the last 30 seconds of your game and you will be able to show all your friends your skills. But wait, I said Xbox record that and I cannot find my Xbox one x gameplay, what gives? The answer is a simple one. Head over to on your computer and type in your Gamertag, the website will do some searching and return a list of all your Xbox one x gameplay starting with the last clip you recorded. From that page you can hangout and watch all the clips you want or click through to the next page where you will be able to download and share your video to any of the social media networks you want!