“With the launch of the Social Network, we saw a lot of new people wanting to share their games,” says Brönjemark

“When I first started out, we were very young, and it was a very different world. Back then, everyone was trying to ride the co-op wave and the social networks were just starting out. I think that’s where the Workshop came from – to be able to do something that was fun and accessible and different. “It’s a world where people are making games. It’s a world where people can make games and share them.” And while the Workshop’s format is to be expected in a social space, it’s the way that XNA’s moved in that space that’s particularly interesting. “With the launch of the Social Network, we saw a lot of new people wanting to share their games,” says Brönjemark. “So the Social Network is where the community can share the game with that lets them do more than just posting to the group.” And this is just a time where people are making games, right? “No, that’s not what it’s been,” agrees Brönjemark. “When I think about the Social Network, that was the hook that was announced, and I’ve taken that to mean that there are a lot of new people on the team, and that’s great for gaming. It’s not for everyone, but to have people that can be part of the Social Network, it’s awesome. “The way that you define it as a Social Network is that you have a place to gather together people,” continues Brönjemark. “A Social Network is a social network that’s not just for games. So if you have a game, then obviously you can’t have a group that automatically goes the way you think you see fit to discuss that game. But if you have groups that can organise that, then you could have a pretty cool thing about it – you could organise a Game Meetings where people can experience each other, build a community, whatever. “Plus, it’s a way of bringing people together, which has been so successful for us in the past.” You can still get the Workshop ready to use for yourself on Xbox One, but the hard work is now in the Social Network for real. “We have a core team of about six that is working on the Social Network, and they’re doing some really cool stuff,” points out Brönjemark. “They’re going to be really helpful in the Social Network too. They’re going to post their achievements, they’re going to help you organise your achievements, and they’re going to do more social networking. “A lot of social networking is really just really the fun of organising meetings, but there’s a lot of the work that’s involved in organising things and then also doing analytics and trying to understand who’s playing who in your games from across all the games. So we’re going to be adding to the Social Network in the next few months.”