While the Hylian Shield’s power might be useful for covering large areas in your path, it’s also an icon in the environment that can be destroyed by enemy fire

The game is still a preview from the E3 2019 show, and a close look at gameplay during the reveal event in Los Angeles this morning revealed some tantalising glimpses of the game’s world, which is vibrant and full of mystery. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a preview from the E3 2019 media briefing room. We take a closer look at the game, its world, and the mystery of its inhabitants in the video gameplay premiere. #NintendoE3 pic.twitter.com/ivYsVVV1XJune 9, 2019 One of the most intriguing features of the game is the Hylian Shield, which is a shield that imbues its owner with special abilities in combat. Though it’s not clear whether the Hylian Shield is a weapon or a magic item, the player can activate it by equipping the Hylian Shield, which will launch a beam of light that can illuminate the battlefield or deflect enemy fire. Another example of the Hylian Shield’s immediate effectiveness was demonstrated during a brief intermission, as Link attacked a huge fire monster from the rear of a Zelda boat. Though the Hylian Shield could have been used to cover the entirety of the ship, its owner was able to attack it from the front, leaving the monster to fight on top. While the Hylian Shield’s power might be useful for covering large areas in your path, it’s also an icon in the environment that can be destroyed by enemy fire. Although you can’t directly attack it, Link can still get its own back to it by distracting it with a Hylian Shield. Link has even been known to use the Hylian Shield to cover up large gaps in a battle between Ganon and Link, to avoid being widely out-of-bounds. In a similar vein, another demo revealed that you’ll be able to switch to Link’s Trance, a basic staff/sword/staff that can be used in a variety of different situations, including being used to attack various monsters along the way. While the gameplay demo was a small one, it gave us a good feel for the game’s features and enemies. The real star of the show, though, was Link’s Geldirector, a multi-targeting bomb that takes out a number of enemies in quick succession. The explosion sends a wave of debris flying, and once it’s cleared, Link can return to the GamePad screen, where he can watch the aftermath of the explosion on the screen. The explosion also damages the screen, though it’s only a small window into the chaos that surrounds Link. Three years ago, the world of Hyrule was a very different one. The landscape was filled with winding, twisting pathways, and dungeons and towers made the environment feel chaotic, even with the occasional glimmer of a torch. Today, however, the landscape is void of tranquility. The monsters are the embodiment of the Hero’s Descent, a concept that Link’s Adventure fits so perfectly with. The monsters are rogue-like walkers who are out to kill you and steal your Power Sword, magical Hylians, and most importantly – and this is the first time they’ve ever been this close to Hyrule. Now you’ve spent several years in Hyrule, and you’re only a few hours into the main story. You’re effectively stranded, as the destruction of Hyrule by the Timekeeper has begun. Defeat the Timekeeper, Link will be able to restore the seal to Hyrule once more. The Timekeeper will also be a conduit for the Hero’s Destiny, which is the culmination of Link’s adventures. The Timekeeper will make little adjustments to the world they call home, which makes it all too easy for them to destroy the Hero and discover the terrible truth before they have even entered the realm of Hyrule. The NPCs in the demo, as well as the characters you meet in the game, are interesting, all with their own motivations and stories. You’ll meet a warrior wielding twin swords, a mage who can turn enemies into frogs, a warrior who has a sword, a guard who has a bow, a dwarf who wields a shield, and your pal Ganon who runs around the world with a giant sword. All of these NPCs have their own stories to tell, and with Hyrule in peril, all of the characters you meet in the demo are eager to tell it.