This time the cars all have more realistic weight distribution, which makes handling more like a racing game

With OutRun 2: The Physics Edition, publisher Sega has taken this longstanding pillar of the series and smushed it to pieces, giving you the most bang for your buck. The biggest improvement is the handling. This time the cars all have more realistic weight distribution, which makes handling more like a racing game. The physics engine is also more sophisticated, allowing more detailed and realistic handling, which is fantastic. The cars all have weight-sensing sensors, so you’ll know if your car is accelerating too quickly or if it’s spinning out of control. The console version is a significant step up, not only with updated visuals and more licensed content, but also with new features. The big selling point is the new physics engine, which will make your racing experience go from flat and boring to spectacularly violent. There will also be a host of new vehicles, including the massive Thunderhawk and Warhawk. For those who have even read the last few pages of the OutRun books, know that the new edition of OutRun is the final update to the series. It’s a massive batch of content, including new racers, tuner mods, a huge amount of buggy and unstable cars, new tracks, and a whole slew of new features. You’ll find everything you need to know about OutRun 2 in this huge chunk of info on the site, including updated graphics and vehicles in all their massive spectrum of variations. You’ll find the best tools for modifying your car’s wheels, quittin’ tricks and breaking your bank balance. You’ll also get to grips with OutRun 2’s handling, which will make your races more convincing and exciting. The Danger Zone (the starting zone at the beginning of each race) has also been redesigned. It’s now more like the starting line of an F1 race, with the cars traveling together and having a short time to find their way around the track before battle begins. You’ll now have to take your time to find the perfect line and then press the right button to unleash your power and smash the wall, which launches your drivers skywards. Other changes include a beefed up health and ammo bar, the ability to enter and exit the pit areas, and a completely rehauled career mode. Oh, and the whole lot of new items. We’re still a few months from a fully functioning OutRun computer simulation, so we’ll just have to wait and see how Sega’s upgrade for the Xbox 360 version comes along.