The game is set to arrive within the framework of the new ARPG, BioShock Infinite, which we’re getting a look at at some time in the near future

It’s now been a full year since the last Dragon Ball Z on the 3DS, so we’re expecting this one to be more interesting. The action RPG, which is in fact a prequel to Dragon Ball: Budokai, follows the Saiyan Saga starting from the point of Goku becoming Super Saiyan and features loads of new characters, including Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Buuutar, and Buuutar. It’s being developed by Arc System Works, the studio behind Guilty Gear X2, and we’ve heard the team talk about how they’re bringing the game over to the 3DS, but there’s no firm info yet. If you’re interested, be sure to check out our Dragon Ball Z review. Platform: PlayStation VitaEU: October 17 The LEGO Batman games were quite the hit for the original PlayStation, but they’re not done with us yet. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is bringing the comic book hero to the PlayStation Vita in what’s being called Batman: Arkham City. In the game, players control Batman and a roster of some of the most famous characters from the series. We’re particularly excited about this, as the Batman games are often excellent and show off what the handheld hardware can do. We’ll have more info on the game very soon. Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PCEU: November 6 Fans of the first BioShock made the wait a little longer, as it’s now launching on 360, PS3, and PC. In case you missed it, BioShock Infinite is the latest game from studio Infinite Interactive, which was co-founded by Irrational Games’ Ken Levine. The game is set to arrive within the framework of the new ARPG, BioShock Infinite, which we’re getting a look at at some time in the near future. If you’re not up to speed, we’ve done some extensive coverage on this game. For now, here are the most important things we know about BioShock Infinite so far. Platform: Nintendo 3DSEU: October 17 We’re definitely looking forward to the next entry in the Metal Gear Solid series. After the disappointing first MGS4, the series seems well and truly set for a comeback in what promises to be the most action-oriented entry to date. MGS Universe, a downloadable title for the 3DS, appears to be the closest we’ll likely get to a Metal Gear Solid version of the franchise until we get a more complete picture on the game, which is due out this fall. We’ll have more on MGS Universe as we get closer to its release, so stay tuned. Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PCEU: November 9 With the long-awaited release of Battlefield 3, and the highly anticipated Battlefield 1, this game is finally getting the long-awaited attention that it craves. EA is keeping its ears open for Battlefield 3 for this fall, and while we haven’t seen or heard a ton of official details, we’ve heard some reputable sources claim the game is coming along nicely. We’re eager to get our hands on the game, which pits the U.S. Marines against a group of hackers in a war-torn city. Platform: PlayStation VitaEU: TBD We’ve been waiting for the next installment of the Hitman franchise, and now it appears there’s a chance to get our hands on it. IO Interactive’s stylish, smart, and ultra-violent stealth series is making a swift return in Hitman 2. We recently played the game on the 3DS and found the gameplay to be an expertly executed console-of-the-box experience, and we’re anxious to take the experience on the go. At the very least, we’re excited to see how the sequel fares following the original title and the ridiculous amount of fan service that’s packed it into. Platform: Nintendo 3DSEU: TBD This prequel to 2009’s Hitman: Absolution sees you take on a new job – as a contract killer – in Espionage Simulator. In our brief demo of the title, we learned that you don’t have to worry about distractions, you can take your time killing whoever and whoever you want, and we also got to see the new level design and plenty of locations and missions. We’re also getting a look at some of the new gadgets and weapons being used by the killer, including a new silencer for the classic pistol. If you’re itching to tackle your targets, make sure to check out our Hitman 2: Silent Assassin preview and if you’re wondering if the game is for you, our Hitman 2 review is the definitive guide.