The first Steel Battalion game for the PlayStation 3 shipped back in 2005, and that version is getting a new release

This brings to seven, in fact, and a ridiculous 19 launch titles that span the PS3’s release over last and latest console generations. We’ve rounded up the games in alphabetical order for easier reading, including (for obvious reasons) games that are likely to be exclusive to PS3, as well as games that may be cross-platform (or at least playable on both PS3 and PS2), but we’ll start with games that are a guaranteed part of the console’s launch lineup. Platform: Nintendo 3DSEU: Out This is it, friends. It is time to put aside your socially-conscious reservations for the love of the numbers, and get down with some physical, multiplayer action in the old-school beat-’em-up/shooter/racing/racing game, Virtua Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting. The heart of the game is that you can control a 1:1 fighter jet-powered by a single-player-inspired selection of 20.5-foot fighters, and this is what we’re hoping for from the sequel. We saw a demo of the first-person, space-fighter-powered squad command game at E3 2012, and we wager that Sega’s first next-gen fighter will be at the show. Platform: PlayStation VitaEU: February 27 This is it. The PS Vita releases begin with some of the most exciting games we’ve seen this year – something that Sony fans are desperate to get their hands on – and they’re on a massive scale. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which debuted in Japan but was on show in Europe a few weeks ago, is the first series to hit the handheld with us. We were mostly impressed with the handheld version, which was targeted toward people on a 2D screen, but there’s a lot of potential in the Vita release, where you can play as a smaller, more mobile-centric version of the beast. We saw a demo of the big-screen action, where you can switch between a full-screen and handheld to get the most out of the 3D action. We’ll have more info soon. Platform: PlayStation 3EU: December 10 If you’ve been living in Japan this year, then you’ll likely have heard of Shenmue 2 by now – or at least seen the previews on PlayStation Network. If not, you might be curious to dive into the long-awaited sequel, which launched last year and came out only in Japan. The standard edition of the game will retail for $39.99, while the Limited Edition, which we’re assuming includes the game disc, will cost $59.99. As with the previous game, we’re betting on an in-game movie of the game, but we’ll have to wait and see how the game plays out on a Vita. Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PCEU: October 17 The first two entries on this list had us intrigued. The ability to make a character a man in the first game felt like a misnomer, and that’s not the case in The Wonderful 101. Now, we’re curious to see what developer Studio Wildcard’s next project is all about, as the original featured a man-powered machine that could change your character’s gender. We’re curious to see how the game plays. Will it be a straight transformation of the original? A new story? A new way to play? The studio’s first title is certainly intriguing, but we’re really not sure what Wildcard has planned for its follow-up. Platform: PCEU: February 15 This year, it’s just about time for fans of The Secret World to step forward. Not only is the game coming from the Segas western studio, but it’s also getting an update from fans of the classic ’80s spy series. In a new edition, the game will feature a new training section that will introduce new recruits to the game, as well as a new mission, quest, location and weapon-based multiplayer mode. Of course, there’s still the standard version of the game on the way, too – the standard version of The Secret World is a great game, and it’s getting a new update. If youre interested, this might be the time to jump in. Platform: PlayStation 3EU: TBA The first Steel Battalion game for the PlayStation 3 shipped back in 2005, and that version is getting a new release. We know it’s a PS3 game, but we have to admit that we were pretty surprised at how much effort has gone into porting it to the handheld release.