Some people are under the delusion that the NES Classic Edition doesn’t include any pirate games, because it doesn’t have any

We’ve also thrown in some pirate-themed tracks so there’s something for everyone. This will be the definitive pirate radio station list, so if you want to know what pirate tunes are in, we’re going to be your one source. Maritime Power was a pioneering game for the Amiga, and it paved the way for many amazing games, including Galaga. The game’s track list is so long, in fact, that you’ll likely have to double-check the playlist to find the track for a specific game. It’s worth noting that the track list is in the game’s original English, so don’t expect it to be quite as good in pirate language. Some people are under the delusion that the NES Classic Edition doesn’t include any pirate games, because it doesn’t have any. It did, however, include a song from The Go! Team, a classic game track from Pac-Man, a restored Soulcalibur II, a music track from Okami, and a fan-favourite track from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Our friends at GamesRadar+ will no doubt bemoan my glorious list of pirate games without ever playing a pirate game, but we put a disclaimer on here. I’m only offering a mild taste of the goodness that is the NES Classic Edition. If you’re looking for more pirate games, be sure to check out our lists of the best pirate games and best NES games. Want to learn more about the history of pirates? Look no further, historians, because historians will be happy to confirm that the original USS Aegisia was captained by Commodore 64s. We’ve also got a video on how the original crew on board got on board. Be warned: there’s some serious history with this ship. Commodore 64, Atari 400/800, and ZX Spectrum are just a few of the games that made the classic palindrome jump from 80s to nearly 100s. The palindrome in question is the most important game on this list, so you might as well sign up to the Arms-Resistance community, as there are plenty of horror-themed games that will make you nervous to think they’re actually playing a horror game. Metal Slug 2 is a game that’s all about strategy and customisation, but it’s also about shooting up robots, so it doesn’t really get that much better. The game is set on the planet of Mondo, and you take on the role of a mercenary who’s been sent to deal with a war with an international coalition. It’s a shooty sci-fi romp, and it’s only really worth the 8-bit soundtracks. Spot-on! The rocky course of the last pirate game on the NES, Rogue Leader, remains an absolute blast, and Titanic: The Legend of Jacked by Gitaroo Man Studios’ sequel is no sliders. You can see the game in action in the original NES game, but a quick look at the updated version makes this an absolute blast. The game’s action-packed, and there are some great ‘up-close’ and ‘-out-of-the-mouth’ moments, making Titanic a more immersive experience than you might be used to. What’s the difference between the NES Classic Edition’s controller and the new gamepad? The new controller is better suited for aiming in games like Super Stardust HD, making for a more satisfying experience. The original gamepad, meanwhile, is actually a standard-issue joypad, albeit with a couple of extra features on top. There’s a huge focus on the analogue stick, which makes it more suitable for controlling space battles in space, for example. It’s a superb standard-issue joypad, though. Devil May Cry 4 is a great example of a game that started out life as a simple-to-console port. The success of the game was so great that it has since become a staple of the platformer genre. A huge, gorgeous, rambunctious romp across the rooftops and down-and-in areas with a slew of enemies to dispatch, plus the ability to customise your attack animations, makes it instantly accessible and easy to get involved with. Devil May Cry 4 is a fantastic game. Roguelike games are great, but the genre is full of games that get tricky to play, especially when it comes to the mechanics of combat. The most challenging ones are those with an emphasis on deathmatch, team deathmatch, and survival games, which are games that are exquisitely balanced and difficult to master.