It’s a cool thing that the world of the original GoldenEye has changed in such a profound way that we’re left with new challenges to deal with

It’s also the most critically acclaimed of the studio’s titles, earning 8/10 and 9/10 reviews and also making the Guinness World Record’s most reviewed game of all time. Granted, that’s a high score, no doubt, but where the game is at today, it’s a shell of its former self. An updated version of the game’s engine has been released, allowing for more complex environments and more rapid-fire squad-based combat, and you have to wonder if this was a fitting retirement for a classic shooter that was so good it would still be great today. Of course, those who went out on night to play GoldenEye are left with a choice: they can continue to chase after the secrets and stop the rest of the world from completing their dirty work, or they can learn to accept the game as it is, and try to understand the world around them more deeply. The latter is not something you can choose. It’s an interesting choice. There’s a lot we can learn about the world from these first nine years of Star Wars shooting. We’ve had the first glimpse of the Dark Side of the Force, and we know what’s really going on in there. We know what changes to the Force will affect the galaxy, and we know what the future holds for the good or bad of the light side. We’ve studied the previously released footage and used our own observations to draw conclusions about what we can expect from this. We can say for certain that the world will be more frightening and immersive in the sequel. The bad guys will no doubt come more to the conclusion that the good guys are evil and will do their utmost to destroy the galaxy in an effort to rule it. That’s not something you can switch off, now. It’s a cool thing that the world of the original GoldenEye has changed in such a profound way that we’re left with new challenges to deal with. It’s a shame then that the difficulty is gone in the name of better weapons and more powerful tools. However, we can put it all in perspective: the original GoldenEye’s multiplayer was so intense and so well balanced that it’s now pretty easy to group up and play with friends. In many ways, it’s a honeymoon version of the most important thing in life: marriage. There will also be a ton of new stuff to get in and out of the world, as well as new multiplayer modes that will make things more interesting. It’s a lot to take in. It’s hard to imagine a game in 2016 that would feel less like an action game and more like a strategy game, but that’s exactly what the team is hoping to achieve. We can’t wait to jump into the cockpit of a star fighter pilot and take on the biggest and the best, the Galactic and the Orion sector. This article originally appeared in Xbox: The Official Magazine.