Xbox Clips – How to download and share them?

What are Xbox clips?

Xbox clips are usually 30 second videos that record the last 30 seconds of gameplay when the user presses the guide button followed by “x” on their Xbox one controller. Xbox clip recording length can be adjusted in the settings menu.

How do you make an Xbox clip?

To make an Xbox clip you must first do something amazing in your game and then within 30 seconds, or however long you set your clip recording length to be, of doing your amazing thing you must press the guide button or say “Xbox record that” into your microphone. boom. done. that easy.

Where to view/ download your Xbox clips?

Now that you have made your sick Xbox clip, how are you supposed to view and share the clip? That’s where comes in. simply go to your computer and type in into the address bar. Let the web page load and you will see a search bar. Type in your Gamertag and hit “clip search.” Once the next page loads you will have access to all your Xbox game clips organized by last recording first. In order to share your clips you will need to press the button labeled “get shareable URL” and then you will see a page with a single video and all the social share buttons you could hope for. Just click the network you would like to share to and you’re done!